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Enhanced Cleaning

During these difficult times the safety of our guests, housekeeping team and property owners is of primary importance to us.

With the constantly changing COVID-19 situation we monitor and follow government guidance and requirements and constantly keep our protocols under review.

Whilst cleaning has always been of the highest priority for us, we have introduced an enhanced cleaning protocol to clean even more effectively during the new norm of COVID-19 awareness. This protocol meets or exceeds both the Scottish Government endorsed guidelines as well as those of Airbnb

Here are a few highlights from the enhanced cleaning protocol:

  • In addition to all primary disinfecting surface areas such as found in kitchens and bathrooms, items that people may have touched regularly (high-touch surfaces), such as TV remotes, doorknobs, window handles, stair railings, light switches, kitchen appliances, etc. are being disinfected with a virucidal agent such as Safe Zone Plus.

  • We clean each room using comprehensive checklists.

  • Any cushions, small moveable soft furnishings, games, toys and DVDs that are in the accommodation when a guest arrives will have been out of circulation for over 72 hours and thus be virus free.

  • Not only are sheets and pillow cases changed between guest visits, pillow and mattress protectors are also.

  • Mattress and pillow protectors, bed linens and towels are quarantined for 72 hours and washed at high temperature.

  • Extra cleaning supplies are provided for guests.

  • Cleaning Team members wash their hands thoroughly before, during and after changeovers.

  •  Guests are requested to air the accommodation during their stay and upon the date of departure.

  • Cleaning Team members leave personal items, such as mobile phones, watches and rings etc, outside of property.

  • Cleaning Team members Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as disposable gloves, masks and footwear coverings.

  • We comply with Government requirements and guidelines.

To learn more about our enhanced cleaning protocol click on the Airbnb and Endorsed Protocol buttons below. Our cleaning for your stay complies with both sets of protocols.


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