What to do if a guest develops or arrives with COVID-19 symptoms

The following rules should be adhered to:

● If guests arrive at your property with symptoms of COVID-19 they should be advised to
return home (where possible) and/or self-isolate in accordance with current Government
● If guests have acute breathing difficulties call 999.
● If a guest has developed symptoms during the stay at your property, they must declare it
when leaving.
● It is understood that if anyone staying in the property contracts the virus they will
immediately inform their host/manager who can inform of the next steps to be taken.

Steps that should be taken on hearing of an infection:

● If the property has a communal entrance / communal stairwell, corridor etc a fully protected
housekeeper (gloves & apron) should attend as soon as possible and use disposable
materials to wipe down all door handles, entrance systems, stairwell banisters, light
switches to try and minimise risk of spread to neighbours.
● If property has main door entrance and therefore no further risk to neighbours then the
guest should just follow standard self-care methods and in addition, refrain from putting out
any rubbish. All rubbish should be double bagged and stored safely for 72 hours before
being thrown out. Alternatively, it should be placed in a suitable outdoor bin for removal.
Once a property is vacated post infection, appropriate cleaning procedures should be followed, as per the guidelines.

The above has been quoted from the cleaning protocols prepared for self-catering and short-term let properties by the Professional Association of Self-Caterers UK, the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC) and Premier Cottages Ltd. The work was also supported and received input from the Tourism Alliance, The Wales Tourism Alliance, The Scottish Tourism Alliance and the Wales Association of Self-Catering Operators

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