Suspected Covid-19 cases and guest self-isolation:

Costs associated with an extended stay


Who would be liable for any costs associated with an extended stay,

including any cancelled bookings for future guests?


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If the person can travel home safely, without the use of public transport, they should do so. If they are unable to do this, and the accommodation is the safest place - then they should isolate there. They would be liable for costs of an extended stay.


If it is not possible to remain in the accommodation for the duration of the isolation period e.g. because the accommodation is booked for future guests, and they can’t find other accommodation themselves with support from friends or family, the person should discuss this with the NHS Test and Protect team.


There is assistance available for those who may need help to isolate via the National Assistance Helpline on 0800 111 4000. This helpline routes the person through to the local authority support team who, in discussion with the individual and the local health protection team, will help identify alternative isolation accommodation.

Does the local authority / NHS have to provide accommodation for the self-isolating guests if they can’t travel home?


As above, in the first instance they should travel home if they can do so safely. If not, they will need to discuss the safest option with Test and Protect team.


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